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Just What You Need, Part III

January 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Matterbox is one of the more fun marketing ideas I’ve seen recently:

Matter is a collection of a dozen or so enticing or intriguing physical things, each one from a different company, occasionally delivered to your house in a distinctive box on a Saturday morning.

I was going to describe it as one of the better ideas, but I’d like to see how well executed the first box is before I go that far. Still, it has all the hallmarks of a superb idea. It’s on your (the consumers’) terms – you ask for it, and if you don’t like anything in the box you get to ignore, recycle or give away whatever’s in it. But if you do like something in it; well, you just found something you like and someone else had a good campaign; I look forward to seeing more from Matter, online as well as in the post.

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