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links for February 20th

February 21st, 2009 · No Comments

  • "It positions Gordon Brown as some kind of sinister interloper in the inheritance of the child – genes from Mummy, genes from Daddy, random bad stuff from WHO IS THIS MAN? What has he to do with the FAMILY UNIT (which is two-parent and closely biologically related)? Is Brown some form of intruder, inserting his loathsome inheritance into the otherwise closed system? Yes! Into homes, into the delivery ward, into the very genetic make-up of your child. (The Conservatives wouldn't ever do that.) Hints of Dad being a cuckold? Also, possibly, of the unnaturalness of the inheritance – nose, eyes, debt – it makes the poor kid sound a bit cyborg."
  • Hormel's canned foods "are really poised to shine in this kind of environment," said Edward Jones analyst Matt Arnold, since they are "very affordable meal alternatives." — I love the ambiguity as to whether they are a substitute to another, more expensive meal or an alternative to something that could be considered a meal at all.

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