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Far From Stupid Cupid

January 13th, 2008 · No Comments

The best advertising campaign I’ve seen recently comes from match.com. Instead of focussing on the benefits of a happy relationship (which, despite their “find someone special in six months” guarantee, no-one can actually guarantee), it posits a single alternative to joining match.com – waiting for Cupid and Fate, which the campaign helpfully personifies.

The main conceit – that Cupid and Fate are feckless flatmates who really don’t care whether or not you find a partner – is funny, and I think the campaign is well executed. However, what is even better about this is that the ultimate message – why not? – feels like it’s been well based in customer research. It’s not showing you what you want, and promising it; it’s showing you what you don’t want, and promising an alternative. Which, coincidentally, is a lot funnier.

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